Design fees


Item Description Corresponding Form ID Amount
1 On application for registration of a design for each application 1 R240
2 On application to register for statement of grounds for decision in terms of regulation 28 17 R220
3 Late lodgment of documents in terms of regulation 23 5 R44
4 To the registrar:
a) Request to inspect the register and documents in terms of sections 8 and 19, regulation 49
16 R4
  b) Application to claim priority in terms of section 44 after an application for registration of a design has been filed, regulation 17(5) 4 R44
  c) Application for revocation of a registered design in terms of section 31, regulations 43 and 44 14 R82
  d) Application to rectify register in terms of section 28, regulation 41(10) 4 R82
  e) Application for recording change of address for service in terms of section 51(2), regulation 41(2) 4 R17
  f) Application to remove recording of hypothecation in terms of regulation 40(3) 4 R44
  g) Request for classification in terms of section 15, regulation 9 9 R220
  h) Application for restoration in terms of section 23(1), regulation 35(1) 18 R260
  i) Any other request not provided for 4 R60
  j) Application for copy or original design registration certificate 4 R33
  k) Request for recognition in another convention application of a certificate lodged in respect of a first convention application, regulation 17(6) 4 R44
  l) Request for copies to be supplied of documents or particulars of the register in terms of sections 9 and 40, per page 15 R1
5 Application of the extension of the period for payment of renewal fees in terms of section 22, regulation 34, for the first month 10 R82
  Thereafter, for each month or part thereof (not exceeding five months) 10 R44
6 Renewal fees in terms of section 22(1), regulation 34:
i. Before expiration of the third year
10 R120
  ii. Before expiration of the fourth year 10 R120
  iii. Before expiration of the fifth year 10 R120
  iv. Before expiration of the sixth year 10 R77
  v. Before expiration of the seventh year 10 R77
  vi. Before expiration of the eighth year 10 R90
  vii. Before expiration of the ninth year 10 R90
  viii. Before expiration of the tenth year 10 R110
  ix. Before expiration of the eleventh year 10 R110
  x. Before expiration of the twelfth year 10 R132
  xi. Before expiration of the thirteenth year 10 R132
  xii. Before expiration of the fourteenth year 10 R149
7 Application for the correction of clerical errors and amendment of documents in terms of sections 26 and 27, regulation 41 12 R82
8 Application to record a transaction affecting the rights in a design application or registered design in terms of section 29 and 30:
a) For the first application
7 R75
  b) For each subsequent application 7 R24
9 Application for the voluntary surrender of a registered design in terms of section 34, regulation 42 13 R42
10 Certification of reprographic extracts from register or documents in terms of section 9, regulations 40 and 48 15 R32


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